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When you come to Sri Lanka you’ll find it to be a place of life abundant with rich culture, the rainforest, the desert, and of course, it’s mellow waves. While there are advanced surf spots in Sri Lanka, the hostel is named after the soft, slow, glassy waves, which feels like a gentle, compassionate close friend—just like what you’ll experience in the hostel.

What you’ll find in Mellow is common to what you’ll find in Sri Lanka as a whole—a connection to the people, the earth and the ocean. We use recycled or new materials from the island to create an inviting environment that follows a sustainable mindset. The staff sand the artisans in Mellow are all local or volunteer travellers that follow the friendly neighbour mentality.

Mellow brings together a like minded community that shares the joy of riding waves, meditating, practicing yoga, trying new things and embracing the life. Come join us, at Mellow out in this beautiful place! Friends, new or old, are all welcome here. Come by for an afternoon smoothie or book here for a mellow stay.

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